To be the best soccer club in DC for individual skill development, injury prevention training, and tactical education by providing age appropriate tools and resources and by nurturing a strong commitment for and enduring enjoyment of the game.


To provide soccer education and development to our players and the surrounding community through high-level coaching, strategic training, and open communication. To instill a passion for soccer in our players, parents, partners, and the surrounding community by engaging them through an inclusive, well-rounded, and informative club program.


  • Affordability: We will ensure affordability by keeping costs as low as possible for our players. We will offer financial aid to players in need who demonstrate commitment to the club and a passion for soccer.

  • Family Oriented: Family support and their involvement is key to a player’s growth and success! We encourage family members to watch practices and games to support their players, teammates and coaches. We want parents and guardians to be educated on the game and sideline etiquette to help their children develop positive sportsmanship and self-worth.

  • Develop Individuals Before Teams: We focus first on the personal development of our players rather than solely on the performance of the team. There is no pressure to “win at all costs” at the DC Way Academy. Focus is placed on identifying and developing individual strengths, as well as appreciation of the strengths and contributions of teammates. Individual growth through skilled coaching and player evaluation is important to us.

  • Injury Prevention: We focus on injury prevention through physical education strategies taught by specialized and trained coaches. We encourage parental involvement in promoting these positive practices by providing tools through education on soccer and athletic development. The FIFA “+11” fitness and injury prevention program will be a core part of our training curriculum.

  • Sportsmanship: Sportsmanship means having a good attitude no matter the situation. It also means trying your best, being kind, and supporting your teammates. It is also important to learn how to be a good loser and a gracious winner, and to value opponents and officials. Without them, there would not be games to play. At the end of each game, we emphasize the importance of greeting opposing teams and game officials to show our appreciation for the opportunity to compete.

  • Developing Young Coaches With a Focus on the Local: Our Counselor-in-Training program builds coaching skills by allowing local players 12-17 years old to work directly alongside our coaches at camps and clinics. We also provide job opportunities to young coaches to allow them to gain experience. We are looking to support our current coaching staff and start building our future staff by nurturing interested youth in our community today!

  • Community: The DC Way Academy benefits from the many ways we reach out to our community. We promote access to soccer and involvement in our community through free festivals with prizes and entertaining soccer games. As mentioned, we offer a Counselor-in-Training program that build leadership and coaching skills through hands-on experience in children ages 12-17. We currently provide job opportunities for over 20 local high school and college students, with more expected to participate next season. DC Way provides seminars for education and skill development in soccer to all interested local parents and coaches.

  • Balanced Life Outside of Soccer: Although our program is designed to promote athletic growth and development of skills through soccer training, we also encourage our players to take the time to explore other interests. The best athletes are well rounded, and despite the level of commitment necessary for successful participation in a travel soccer club, we recognize the importance of academics and other interests. To this end, we will strive to be consistent, transparent and flexible regarding practice and game times, allowing your family to plan ahead for other demands in your child’s life.