Why dc way

Our unique program uses fun and simple games that are designed to focus on fundamentals, bringing out the best in both the beginner and the veteran soccer player.

We sincerely care about every single student in our programs and are committed to helping them succeed.

At DC Way we do not view this as a job, but as our mission and passion. Our staff is comprised of successful coaches and players. Everyone is enthusiastic about working with kids to help them enjoy the game as much as we do.



There are dozens of sports for the young athlete to choose from But what makes soccer special? Why is soccer the best sport for your child?


  • Soccer is truly a team sport: every person counts, anyone can score

  • Because it is a team sport, soccer develops communications skills in unique ways that can’t be learned in a classroom

  • Sportsmanship is a priority in soccer

  • Soccer is a global sport and it connects your child to people around the world

  • The pace of the game teaches split-second decision-making skills

  • Soccer builds self-confidence


  • Soccer is a fluid and elegant sport with little downtime

  • It develops balance, strength, and finesse

  • In soccer, agility and speed top size every time

  • The rules are simple, straightforward, and easy to learn

  • If you have a ball, you can play anytime, anywhere


  • Minimal equipment is required, costing parents less than many other sports