Tentative Travel Season Schedule

Fall 2019 plan

(end Aug - mid Nov)

12 weeks twice a week plus some Saturdays.

Not playing in the league.

Monday 2 teams training together. Wednesday separately. Saturday all together.

27 sessions in total

2-4 friendlies

2 tournaments: ideally, 1st tournament or 1st friendlies (if during the 1st half of the season) 5v5

Then 7v7

Some Saturdays for friendlies, festivals, team chemistry building purposes

5 ball control

2 1v1 moves

1 goalkeeping

2 PE and acrobatics with a different coach

2 creativity and street soccer

1 juggling and soccer tennis

3 defending principles

1 trapping

2 shooting

2 finishing

3 group plays (3v3 … games)

winter 2019 plan

(Dec - end Feb)

12 weeks once a week plus some Saturdays.

Teams practice together

Lots of footwork and moves

Shooting and finishing


Soccer wrestling

Physical component

More of group plays, bigger sided games, preparing for playing in the league

Spring 2020 plan

(mid March - mid June)

Tryout/festival (mid March)

12 weeks twice a week plus some Saturdays.

And Playing in the league (to be picked).

2 tournaments