Training Breakdown

Practices will work on ball control, goalkeeping, 1v1 moves, defending principles, trapping, shooting, finishing, group play, creativity, street soccer, juggling, and soccer tennis. Also, emphasis on 11+ and agility will continue to improve fitness and injury reduction.

Practices will reiterate the proven sequence and strategy of training used in the fall, but with particular focus on the following:

Agility, Balance,Coordination & speed (ABCs)

Training for agility, balance, coordination, and speed is important for both success on the field and injury prevention by improving technical proficiency and physical ability. Agility encompasses movement involved in soccer such as sprinting forward and backward, moving laterally, and changing direction. Balance is important to improve both a player’s strength and coordination. Improving speed requires work on acceleration, endurance, quick thinking, footwork, execution, and more. It is critical to develop these skills at a young age while the brain is developing and the body is learning how to move.

Game Intelligence

In soccer, intelligence development trains players to think strategically to make sound decisions during quick, competitive game play. Players trained to think at higher levels incorporate creative maneuvers and strategies to outsmart the opponents, and are more successful on the field.