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DC Way Soccer Training Program for SOTH - Spring 2019

DC Way is pleased to announce partnership with  Sports on the Hill (SOTH).  We will provide to young players a unique opportunity to participate in enjoyable soccer clinics with professional licensed coaches.

DC Way is excited to be working with Soccer on the Hill (SOTH) to provide weekly soccer clinics to U7-U10 soccer players.  Our clinics are designed to teach fundamental soccer skills through fast-paced and fun drills and games. DC Way’s licensed and professional coaches will support players in improving technique, building confidence and developing a love for the game.

SOTH clinics will run weekly for one hour from April 1st through the middle of June. Clinics are divided by age and gender and will support beginner through advanced players.  This year’s clinics are fully funded by SOTH and are available to players in the league at no additional cost.

In addition to the SOTH clinics, DC Way is committed to establishing Winter clinics, Spring Break opportunities, Summer camps, parent coaching clinics and adult soccer clinics in the community.  We look forward to working with your family this fall!

Complimentary coaching seminars

Everyone is welcome and no registration is needed (make sure your name is on the guards list to get in)

 complimentary GOALkEEPING CLINICS

Waitlist for SOTH Monday Clinic U7/U8 boys

This group is full!

Monday 6-7pm

Boys U7/U8

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SOTH Tuesday Clinic U7/U8 girls

U7/U8 girls



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Waitlist for SOTH Tuesday U9/U10 girls

Tuesday U9/U10 girls is full!



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SOTH Thurdsay Clinic U9/U10 boys

U9/U10 boys group



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Waitlist for SOTH Sunday Clinic U7-U10 girls 2pm

Sunday U9/U10 girls is full



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Waitlist for SOTH Sunday Clinic U7-U10 boys 3pm

Sunday U7/U8/U9 /U10 is full



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