DC Way’s One Day Camp is a great opportunity for your kid to hang out with friends and have a good time playing soccer on their day off! Our camp will keep them active while building essential soccer skills such as ball control, passing, finishing moves, and more! Learning soccer basics while playing games and making friends are just a few reasons our one day camps are so enjoyable. DC Way team uniquely constructs drills that will not only build soccer skills but will also develop cognitive skills and confidence. Any kid at any level is welcome at our practices. Even without ever playing soccer before, we guarantee your child will enjoy the day!

At our camps, our philosophy is that players learn best when they are having fun. We use simple and engaging games to challenge players and teach them essential skills. The drills we use at camp are unique and are not like drills used at other camps. We challenge our players not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. We strive to build decision-making, anticipation, creativity and emotional intelligence in each individual player. Our programs are for any children ages between 5 – 14 years old. One Day Camps are held on Teacher Work Days, parent conferences, and short holidays.


The beginning of our amazing journey was October 8th, 2018! We started it with nothing and slowly built a safe learning environment for children to have a blast on their day-off school. The idea of one day camp was created when our coach Denis’ son wanted to practice during his day-off school. Due to his availability, coach Denis was able to play soccer during the day. At the same time, he acknowledged that the other kids did not usually have this opportunity. To provide every kid the option to have fun and practice during their free time, he began to create a new practice model that would make the most out of soccer in just one day! He prepared drills and fun games to improve basic soccer skills, build confidence, and encourage teamwork.

His priority was to make every child happier than they walked in to practice. As a result, One Day Camp’s philosophy became “having fun first, soccer next”. After building the core characteristics, he announced the first date for the one day camp. The camp captured the attention of our community from day one and consequently, 30 children joined us on this important day! In time, we evolved and designed camps for larger groups to enhance more lives. We used love and respect as our fundamental way of teaching. Yet, our job is never done! We always try to improve ourselves to better teach everyone and create a nurturing environment!


Key points of One Day Camps in 2019:

  • Welcomed a new member to our family - Coach Bobby

  • Developed more creative games to enhance children’s cognitive abilities

  • Captured campers’ fun experience through our professional photographer

  • Provided flexible one day camp selection


Key points of One Day Camps in 2018:

  • Completed our first practice on October 8th

  • Built a community based on diversity, inclusiveness, and respect

  • Achieved to fill most of our sessions with wonderful players

  • Learned a lot from each player and improved our clinics

Outdoor One Day Camp

Indoor One Day Camp