Although all our programs are based on individual attention, a private session can help take a player to the next level. Whether you are struggling with one particular skill or you want to see overall technical improvement, we will work with you to help you improve.

An experienced goalkeeping coach is available.

We work 1on1 and with small groups.

After just a few sessions you can see a big improvement. Our method is very simple and effective: we make sure a player understands a technique or move  by explaining what he/she is doing and how that relates to the game. Then we break down every move or technique part by part move by move. We then master the technique by repetition. At the end by participating in fun activites players get used to certain techniques and moves.

Prices: 30 min session - $30

60 min session-$55

30 min session for two players -$20 each

60 min session - $30 each

30 min session for three players-$15 each

60 min session - $25 each