Adaptability: A Key Strength On and Off the Field by Caroline Stanton

It is more important than ever to be adaptable due to the nature of rapidly developing technology today.  As an employee, being adaptable is key in order to be flexible to change and to have the ability to stay calm under pressure.  Adaptability is also a great tool in soccer for players to become better and to develop essential skills.  Stronger soccer players possess adaptability because they can take direction and apply it to fix mistakes.  These players also can think ahead during games to quickly change strategy under pressure.

At DC Way, we teach adaptability through fun soccer games like Tigers vs Rabbits.  In the game Tigers vs Rabbits, half of the players are the rabbits with no balls and the other half are tigers with balls.  The tigers goal is to try to hit the rabbits below their knee with the ball.  After playing for 1 minute the players switch roles.  Players may prefer to play one role over the other because it plays to their strengths.  However, this game teaches them how to be adaptable because they go from playing a defensive role to an offensive role and vice versa.  The player must be able to change their mindset and body movement between defensive and offensive.  Being adaptable gives players the opportunity to expand and diversify their soccer skill set.

DC Way focuses on important cognitive skills like adaptability through strategic and fun soccer games.  The DC Way team would like to invite you to join DC Way’s upcoming One Day Camp.  In a single day, your child will walk away with critical skills that will make them successful on and off the soccer field.  We hope to see you there!