Teaching Perseverance Through Soccer by Caroline Stanton

Soccer provides various opportunities for children to grow and develop.  An important life lesson taught by soccer is perseverance or the act of not giving up despite obstacles or failure.  “Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% how I react to it”, as once stated by Charles R. Swindoll.  Learning how to play soccer can sometimes be challenging for young children due to lack of skill, developing bodies, or just an off day.  Soccer teaches your child how to deal with disappointment and failure in a positive way.  Mistakes are just a part of the process when developing skills and mastering them.  Being able to persevere despite failure will help your child in both school and in their career.

Sometimes Panna the Panda gets frustrated when they are unable to dribble well during a soccer game like Cannon Ball.  In Cannon Ball, a group of players dribble around the field while other players try to hit their ball away with a different soccer ball.  Panna becomes frustrated by the game because they have trouble dribbling and their ball is knocked away easily.  Panna’s frustration becomes embarrassment as they look around the field and see that other players are not having as much difficulty dribbling their ball.  Just when Panna is thinking about quitting soccer for good they get an idea.  Instead of giving up, Panna asks a DC Way coach for advice on how they can improve their dribbling skills.  After getting some pointers and extra practice with a parent, Panna has become better at dribbling a soccer ball!  Panna feels proud of their accomplishment and shows off their skill during soccer games.  Instead of quitting, Panna learned how to channel their frustration into learning a new skill.

DC Way develops soccer games and drills that build essential life skills in your child such as perseverance.  After school is a great time to give your child the opportunity to socialize and exercise while developing essential skills.  This Fall, DC Way has several ongoing after-school soccer programs and camps!  Our One Day Camp gets your child up and moving while teaching them how to pass and dribble on their day off school.  Other programs like the Development Academy and Ludlow develop soccer and cognitive skills in just a few weeks!  Learn more about our After-School Soccer programs to see how they could benefit your child.

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