The Importance of Developing Spatial Awareness by Caroline Stanton

             Spatial awareness, the ability to see and understand the relationship of an object to one’s body or the relation between two or more objects, is a critical skill.  This skill helps us think in two and three dimensions, so we can visualize objects from different or changing positions.  Children use this to perform tasks in everyday life from grabbing a pen to avoiding obstacles when walking around.  More specifically, developing this skill will contribute to building visual perception, math skills, and body awareness.

            At DC Way, we strengthen spatial awareness by playing fun soccer games such as Minefield Relay.  In this game, two teams start in opposite corners of a square field.  There are many cones placed throughout the field that represent mines.  The players must run or dribble a ball through the field without touching the cones.  If the player or ball touches the “mine”, he or she must start over.  Panna the Panda enjoys the challenge of navigating through the field and takes a few tries to complete the obstacle course.  The ability to navigate through an obstacle course requires a significant amount of spatial awareness and rates the player’s ability to move around objects.  By playing this game, Panna has noticed an improvement in their ability to control and navigate the ball around the soccer field!

            DC Way understands the importance of developing spatial awareness in children.  Through fun soccer games and exercises we work on developing multiple cognitive and physical skills that will further your child’s development.  DC Way invites you and your child to join DC Way’s Summer Soccer Camps!  Panna the Panda and the DC Way team hopes to see you soon!

cool line field set up.jpg