The Importance of Training Speed for Soccer by Caroline Stanton

     In soccer, speed is more than just running fast.  Speed is a complex tool that will separate an outstanding player from an average player.  Players must have strength, power, efficient body mechanics, and developed thinking to master speed.  Training speed will help a player become more successful on the field.  More importantly, it will help prevent injury by improving technical proficiency and physical ability to move at a higher velocity.

Here are a few attributes of speed that will make you a better player:

·        Quick speed off the mark

·        Quick acceleration over 10 – 15 yards

·        Speed endurance or maintenance

·        Speed in possession of the ball

·        Quickness of feet or agility

·        The ability to change direction quickly

·        Quick execution of skills

·        Quick thinking

     At DC Way, we improve a player’s speed by playing fun soccer games such as Fastest Person in DC.  In this game, the goal is for the players to race to the finish line with either a ball at their feet, in their hands, or with no ball.  The visual sign the coach gives the players will indicate what they will do with the ball.  If the coach holds up a red cone, then the players leave the ball.  A blue cone means they will dribble and if a cone is dropped then the players pick up the ball and run.  Panna the Panda loves the challenge to test their ability to think quickly and move quickly.  At first, Panna noticed that they were a little slower changing direction than other players.  However, after practice, Panna can keep up with most players and is sometimes the first to react!  The Fastest Person in DC is a simple game that tests a player’s ability to react, ability to accelerate, and other critical attributes of speed.

     Through fun soccer games and exercises, DC Way can improve your child’s physical and cognitive skills.  Speed is just one of the many skills that we focus on at our camps and clinics.  DC Way welcomes you to join us at our Summer Soccer Camps to develop your camper’s skills in as little as just one week!  You will be amazed by the change and progress your child will undergo.  The DC Way team and Panna the Panda hopes to see you soon!


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