Red Light! Green Light! Pay Attention! by Caroline Stanton

            Your mind is like a muscle that needs to be exercised and strengthened.  The ability to pay attention is critical to individual performance and productivity.  For example, how well children can focus is imperative to their ability to learn in the classroom.  In soccer, a strong attention span can help a player successfully focus on strategies or tasks needed to win a game.  Being able to manage your attention will lead to successful task completion and enhance the capability to manage more than one task.

            At DC Way, we practice paying attention through the soccer exercise called Car Racing.  In this game, everyone pretends they are in a car and they dribble their ball under a different speed or gear.  The players must follow different commands that are called out such as red light, green light, yellow light, speed up, and runaway trucks.  The players must try to dribble their ball to the finish line by correctly following the various commands called out by the coach.  This exercise encourages Panna the Panda to listen carefully to the coach the entire game to successfully cross over to the finish line.  At times Panna wants to give their attention to other interesting things but remains engaged because they enjoy the game.  A child’s attention span is elastic, but they are willing to give more of their attention to tasks that they enjoy.

            By creatively turning soccer drills into fun games, DC Way engages our player’s attention.  A good learning environment is key to establishing an atmosphere where children can better concentrate.  We believe that training your child’s attention span will help them be successful on the field, in the classroom, and in life!  We invite you and your child to join DC Way at our Summer Soccer Camps to learn essential life skills.  The DC Way team and Panna the Panda hope to see you soon!