How an Egg Can Teach Responsibility by Caroline Stanton

          Being responsible is an important quality to possess for both on and off the soccer field.  To be a responsible person means that you are trustworthy because you are accountable for your actions.  A responsible player demonstrates good sportsmanship and is dependable to their team.  Responsibility is a key quality to have to better achieve set goals, raise team morale, and to build individual character.

            DC Way has taught Panna the Panda how to be responsible through a fun imagination-engaging exercise.  In this exercise, all the players must pretend that they are eggs that will crack or break if they bump into each other.  The players get an opportunity to run around for a minute and try not to bump into each other to protect their shells.  Panna loves this exercise because it is funny to pretend to be an egg.  Moreover, Panna learned how to be responsible for themselves and their space when moving around many other players.  Panna feels a sense of pride when they can successfully navigate themselves around others without cracking their shell.

            At DC Way, we understand the importance of demonstrating responsibility during practice and games.  Responsibility is just one of the many skills we teach your child to help them be successful in soccer and life.  We welcome you to join us at our Summer Soccer Camps to teach your camper essential skills!  Within a week or even one day, your child will walk away with the tools they need.  Panna and the DC Way team hopes to see you soon!


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