DC Way Academy

DC Way Academy is a Capitol Hill based travel soccer club that is dedicated to cultivating talent and potential in children through advance coaching and technical development using high-level game play. We aim to grow intelligent, healthy, mentally strong, and creative players! DC Way Academy currently offers competitive training for U9 boys and U9 - U10 girls.

At DC Way Academy, U9 - U10 players will focus on developing technical skills, ABCS (agility, balance, coordination, speed), and game intelligence. It is important to focus on developing these components because at this age bodies and minds are rapidly growing and developing. "You can't control the game if you can't control the ball, and you can't control the ball, if you are not able to control your body!" We also provide players with physical education based on FIFA 11+ program to promote injury prevention and safe play.

Our training curriculum is intentionally diverse and entertaining to engage and excite our young players, fostering an enjoyable and safe environment that has our players looking forward to attending each and every practice and game. At the end of each season, players will receive a personal evaluation from their coach to give them the tools to continue developing their skills for the long-term.

Parents are also a key part of the player’s and our club’s success. DC Way Academy promotes positive parental support through education of the sport and its rules, proper sideline etiquette, and best practices to aid in the growth and continued enjoyment of their developing players.

No matter what sport your child plans to pursue after age 12, there is no sport better than soccer for developing essential athletic skills such as coordination, speed, decision making, vision! Professional basketball player, Kobe Bryant, credits his ability to read the court, play 1v1, passing ability, and a heightened sense of his surrounding from playing soccer at a young age.

We have no doubt that after the first season with DC Way Academy, you will see a big difference in your young athlete!

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If your child is interested in trying out for DC Way Academy’s 2011 boys, 2011 girls, 2010 girls, or 2010 boys please email Denis at contact@dcway.com