Festival Volunteer Opportunities

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Why Do We Need YOU To Be Our Volunteer

The success of our festival lies in the participation of parents, children and the DC Way team. One of the intentions of our festival is to provide a place and opportunity for parents and children living in the same community to make lasting connections with each other. Your participation as a volunteer will help us successfully run an event that promotes soccer, friendship, and support within the Capitol Hill community.


What Do Our Volunteers Do

During this festival, each game has a different station. After the coach's guidance, the volunteers will be responsible for their assigned game station to guide and provide directions to players on how to participate in the game in their area. After successful participation, volunteers will provide players with a sticker on their activity sheet.

The following stations and games will be held at our festival:

  • Obstacle Course

  • Sharpshooters Game

  • Accuracy Contest

  • Kids v Parents

  • Soccer Tennis

  • Tic-Tac-Toe

  • 2 vs 2 Tournament

  • Penalty Taker


How To Become a Volunteer

Become a volunteer for our 2019 Summer Soccer Festival on Sunday, June 16 from
3-5pm by signing up below.